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Miami-Dade County, Florida

No. 19-0326.04

Expiration Date 05/30/2024

GigaCrete Exterior Wall Panel System


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Large and Small Missile Impact

About GigaCrete

The GigaCrete Housing System is the only logical choice for housing moving forward. A GigaCrete house is engineered to beyond Category 5 wind speeds. In fact, it is the only eco-friendly high-speed building system to achieve Miami Dade approvals for 245 mph sustained wind speeds. It is fireproof, (97% non-flammable), insect, mold and mildew proof and is certified Green. These houses exhibit energy savings greater than 66% over conventional and traditional building methods and materials, with an R28+ insulation value due to the EPS, 6+ inch thick foam. The assembly is framed with 18g steel studs, encapsulated within 6” thick EPS foam, surrounded in an envelope on both sides with proprietary, extremely durable fire-proof and waterproof finishes known as StuccoMax (3500 PSI) and PlasterMax (9000 PSI).


GigaCrete Housing Assembly can be constructed with unskilled labor so labor costs for housing “roughed in”, are greatly reduced. Coupled with speed to build (erection in days, not weeks) substantial revenue and time can be saved over traditional stick-built houses. The traditional building of wood frame is not GREEN, highly susceptible to damage caused by fire (98% flammable), insects, mold and mildew, flooding and other disasters. There is no reason to continue to build with outdated, extremely disadvantageous and antiquated building methodologies.

GigaCrete Housing Assembly is the only viable decision for the future of housing construction. There is no longer reason to build and rebuild after every major storm using a traditional wood frame as has been done for hundreds of years. In the short term, GigaCrete Housing is price competitive, but long term, without the need for rebuilding, it is significantly less expensive than traditional building. GigaCrete also offers a fifty (50) year warranty which no one in the traditional wood-frame building housing industry can offer.

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  • Affordable

  • Disaster Resilient - All Severe Weather Resiliency

  • Abuse and Abrasion Resistant (zero damage with the full blow of hammer) 

  • Hurricane-Resistant (Cat 5)

  • Fire-Resistant (97%) made with non-combustible materials.

  • Zero Flame Spread.

  • Earthquake Resistant (CA, Zone 4)

  • Waterproof

  • Resistant to Vermin, Insects, Mold, Mildew, Corrosive Sea SprayFor all Climates

  • Resistant to Cracking/Crazing/Erosion, Freeze/Thaw Damage

  • Super Insulated (R Values starting at R-24, up to R60)

  • Cuts Heating/Cooling Costs over 66% (when compared to conventional systems)

  • Exceeds stringent EPA and California indoor air quality and VOC standards

  • Optional Bulletproof coating

  • No Wood, Gypsum Board, Portland Cement or Silica

  • Assembled on-site with the aid of unskilled labor. No need for measuring or cutting

  • Unlimited Design Possibilities including Curved Walls. Any texture. Any color


  • Exceptionally Quiet - Abate noise (STC-55) of heavy traffic outside, down to a whisper

  • Each truss connects to the foundation pulling the roof and house into the slab.

  • Zero to Very Low Maintenance required

  • Zero Off-Gassing - Nontoxic Materials

  • 99% Recyclable

  • LEED Qualified (Green)

  • Typical 1500 Sq Ft house erected in 1 to 2 weeks, on top of a concrete slab

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 GigaCrete’s revolutionary 

building system is Hurricane Proof, Fire Resistant, Water Proof, Earthquake Proof, mold, mildew and insect resistant, is extremely energy efficient, takes days to erect, has no design limitations and is GREEN. 

 PlasterMax ™ is a state-of-the-art abuse resistant veneer plaster specifically formulated to provide a versatile high-strength interior wall finish over various new and existing wall substrates. 

 StuccoMax™ is a truly green NON Portland cement base exterior wall finish coating. Its high early strength is achieved in less than 24 hours and fast setting qualities enable the finish to be applied within a single work day. 

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